New Members!

Krissi Folsom's picture

There is nothing more wonderful than welcoming new members into the Heart of Maryland family!  This past Monday we welcomed two new leads - Daniella and Barbara (the ones wearing the piano scarves, left to right).  Daniella and Barbara work together and now they will be singing together with us on the risers each week.  Daniella's membership also brings us our one and only mother/daughter team on the risers, since her daughter, baritone Rona, is also a member (and responsible for bringing Daniella on board!)  We are so thrilled to have Daniella and Barbara both, and can't wait to ring some chords with them in the months and years to come.

Summer is the perfect time to join the Hearts, because we are just now gearing up to learn new music for our annual show in the fall (Nov. 21 - SAVE THE DATE!).  So why not make your summer vacation plans include rehearsing with us each Monday night in Rockville?  Click the "Join" tab on our site for all the information about where and when our rehearsals take place.  When we say we are a family, we mean it.  The friendship and camaraderie of the Hearts is unmatched.  We'd love to meet you.