Welcome 2024!

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It’s wonderful to be back to normal. No masks. New music. Getting ready for competition in May.

We gained some great new members in 2023 and are hoping for more. Like all choruses, COVID was hard on us. But we made it through and are excited to start growing.

Our focus for 2024 is learning to sing better together. No news there right? But actually our wonderful new director (see below) is devoting part of every rehearsal to teaching new techniques and perfecting ones we know. The exercises are fun and quickly improve our singing. Our rehearsals are intense but fun. Hard to imagine unless you experience it.

So come visit and try us out. Visitors are always welcome to come to listen or to practice with us.

When: Mondays, 7:15pm to 9:15pm

Where: Church of Christ, 100 Nelson St, Rockville, MD


Best of all, we have a new Director!!

We’re thrilled to welcome our new director, Julian LeFlore! Hailing from a lifetime of barbershop education and experience, he has brought a whole new level of positivity, energy, and enrichment to our chorus. He’s focused on improving our singing and breathing techniques, which might sound boring but isn’t when Julian is doing the teaching! He is also focused on bringing new music to us. For starters, we have two new contest songs which we’re hard at work on.

Julian is also voice-placing the chorus, to help us achieve the best, blended sound possible.

Visitors tell us we’ve improved!


Let us sing for you!

We love to perform and our repertoire is varied and fun. We typically sing at care homes, fairs, and even at restaurants. For information, please contact us!