Just In Time

Rockville, Maryland
This group is for hire
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Just in Time is either a VLQ (very large quartet) or a “quartet with spare parts”! We are available for weekday performances and will delight audiences at retirement communities, luncheons, birthdays and holiday celebrations.

Tenor: Jan Fitch, Pride of Baltimore
Bass: Lenore Shavell, Heart of MD
Bass: Anne Bouhour, Heart of MD
Lead: Mary Lou Terselic, Heart of MD
Lead: Vicki Stokes, Heart of MD
Lead: Mona Larrabee, Heart of MD
Baritone: Betty Nevins, Heart of MD
Baritone: Jan Provost, Heart of MD

For more information, contact Jan Provost at [email protected] — we’ll be “Just In Time”!


Mar 12 2015 - 9:10pm

Just in time is going through some personnel changes as they prepare to lose one of their original Leads, Mona. She's moving out of the area and will be sorely missed by the ensemble, as well as by the entire chorus! We wish her the best in her new home!