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Zooming Along

We continue to Zoom along with weekly online rehearsals. We have a lot of fun, so if you're ever interested in joining us, just let us know. Monday nights at 7 PM. Please email [email protected] for more info!

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Picnic Potluck Rehearsal

In preparation for our annual show we’ve been learning new songs about friendship. A great way we’ve found to nurture intra-chorus friendships is through our annual potluck rehearsal. This year Judy Hancock (first head seen on the left in this picture) generously hosted the rehearsal. There we learned about summer travels, new grandchildren and upcoming weddings. And we had a fun rehearsal!

Blog credit: Melea Greenfeld
Photo credit: Krissi Folsom

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Retreat Remembered

Retreat....Advance....we've called it many things and tried it many different ways, but what it all comes back to is a being a fun time for everyone who participates!  What are we talking about?  Well, each year we have a special weekend rehearsal, usually in preparation for our regional contest, where we often bring in a special coach to work with us on different aspects of performance.  We've had retreats as short as 6 hours on a Saturday, to a full overnight weekend retreat at a hotel, to what we did this year, which was a full day event at Rockville Senior Center.  We started with breakfast and COFFEE together, then a coaching session with the fantastic SAI Region 19 coach, Sarah Nainan-Newhard, bass of the Region 19 2018 champion quartet, Sound Design (

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HOM Visits Rainbow Place

This January the Hearts were thrilled to visit Rainbow Place for our third consecutive year.  "The mission of Rainbow Place is to provide emergency overnight shelter to women experiencing homelessness during the winter months as well as whatever support is needed to enable them to transition from homelessness to a more stable and self sufficient quality of life." (taken from their website: